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Now we have 2 little Apps for Androidphones: HangUpApp and MyPrepaidCredit! Gratis in Google Play Store.


Ends the current call. Inbound, connected or outbound. For all those who miss the red phone receiver icon on the homescreen.

You can end your phonecall just touching the HangUpApp icon. While you are using your phone, waiting for a phonecall to be answered and you want to hang up, just go to the homescreen and touch the HangUpApp icon. The phone call is immediately hung up. Usefull when you canĀ“t hang up with your power button or it is difficult to reach the button with only one hand.

When there is no active call the widgets icon is green. By touching this icon activates the phone application in order to make a call.


Simple control of the balance. After every call it will be sent a USSD code and the actual balance will be shown. By touching the widget, using the USSD code, the actual balance will be also shown.

When you put the widget on the home screen, a configuration page will appear, you must enter your provider's USSD code. The USSD code for most of the companies is *100#, e.g. for Vodafone Callya is *106#.

privacy policy

Before installing the widget, it will ask you to authorize services that cost you money (directly call phone numbers) and phone calls (read phones state and identity). This is technically necessary, otherwise the app will not work.

The widget will not make phone calls that cost you money. The authorizations are the result of the Android system. It requires authorization for "services that cost you money" to hang up a call and "phone call" to read phones state and identity.